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Emission Test

As per some of the mechanics, half of the cars they see are failing the new Drive Clean test. It is not because they pump more impurities into the environment, but it is due to how data is saved in memory banks of vehicles.

New emission test is conducted using a vehicle's on-board analytical computer chip rather than determining exhaust emissions straight from the tailpipe.

Before performing the emission test, a visual check is done and if any of the following issues are found, it is corrected before emissions test is conducted.

. Missing catalytic converter(s) and/or gas cap(s)
. Defects in the fuel filler pipe
. Visible smoke coming from the tailpipe
. Any problems with the inspector believes would prevent the vehicle from being tested safely

We offer emission test for about all the heavy duty diesel vehicles like:
. Tow Truck
. Trailer
. Motorhome
. Cargo Van
. Cube Van
. School Bus
. Transit Bus
. Pickup Truck