Complete Paint

The paint application is one of the most demanding aspects of the automobile industry. A paint coating not only protects the body surface but also enhances the visual appeal by adding color and gloss.

The importance of maintaining Fleet Specifications is a main concern. We give your vehicle quality finish using a computerized brake system that will long last in harsh road transport environment.

Paint is baked with a high temperature warm unit to ensure the beautiful finish lasts over the life of your vehicle so that you will never need to invest in paint again.

Major steps involved during painting process are:

  • The vehicle is parked at a place suitable to perform painting with excellent ventilation, minimal dust, good lighting and proper electricity.
  • All the materials needed to do the painting are assembled at one place. Materials usually required at the time of painting are paint, painting equipments, sanding and polishing tools and safety equipment.
  • Remove the rust and perform Paintless Dent Repair, if any, on the surface.>
  • Remove the plastic trim or chrome which can be taken off easily and replace later on after the paint.
  • Sand the paint either to the exposed metal or at least sufficient for the new paint to stick to.
  • Cleaning of all the surfaces is done thoroughly with mineral spirits or denatured alcohol and making sure that there is no oil strain on the body.
  • All the surfaces which are not to be painted are covered with masking tape and paper. The parts which are not to be painted are grills, mirrors, door handles, glass and windows trim.
  • The vehicle is painted after allowing primer on the surface with a corrosion resistant.
  • Allowing the primer to cure thoroughly.
  • All primed surfaces are allowed smooth sanding.
  • Cleaning the surface of vehicle after allowing the primer to remove any dust or oil that has accumulated during priming.
  • Spraying the finish paint on the vehicle.
  • Allowing the paint to fully cure.
  • Using a rubbing compound to polish the paint and begin to bring out a gloss.

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